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The pediatric emergency medicine curriculum takes an innovative approach to ensure all program milestones and educational goals are met — with a particular focus on the venues and formats that will actually lead to sustained education. Feedback from fellows is taken very seriously to modify the curriculum to “keep what works and get rid of the rest.” The curriculum is divided into several longitudinal series that coalesce to form a well-rounded pediatric emergency medicine curriculum.

Curriculum Components

  • Grand Rounds speakers: Fellows recruit and invite speakers, who are provided funding.
  • Core Medical Emergency Series
  • Core Surgical Emergency Series
  • Simulation Series: The series takes place at the Clinical Education Center, a large, dedicated high-fidelity training center.
  • Research Series: Speakers, including Grand Rounds national guests, walk fellows through every step of a research project.
  • Board Review: Reviews include prizes and audience response system!
  • ECG Series: The series includes a one-hour review of ECGs from the emergency department and outpatient with nationally renowned pediatric cardiology electrophysiology attendings.
  • Radiology Series: This is a highly successful, topic-focused, one-hour series with a pediatric radiologist reviewing real cases from the emergency department.
  • Heme/Onc Series: The series includes a one-hour review of ED cases targeting heme/onc emergencies, reviewing the latest evidence and identifying quality improvement opportunities for patients in the department.
  • Administrative/Quality Improvement Series
  • Ultrasound Series: This series includes live models and the leader in pediatric emergency medicine ultrasound.
  • Toxicology Series
  • M&M
  • Hospital Interdisciplinary M&M

Guiding Principles


Provide the best available clinical care for all children and families in the Central Texas area. Serve as a welcoming referral center and source of expertise in emergency pediatric care for surrounding health care providers and institutions.


Serve as the catalyst for high-quality and meaningful pediatric research in the field of pediatric emergency medicine. All fellows participate in multiple research projects, and each serves as primary investigator for a structured hypothesis-driven project that aims to answer important questions to advance care.


Serve as advocates inside and outside the hospital for the most vulnerable children, improving access to high-quality care and inspiring others to join in the cause. Multiple global health opportunities are available to trainees at no additional expense.


Serve as excellent teachers and resources for all trainees and health care providers, promoting current standards in pediatric emergency care in the classroom, clinical and simulation environment. Fellows are regularly provided opportunities as authors, developing influential scholarly work.


Present a balanced, well-rounded and thorough training experience that is always flexible to keep in mind the interest and needs of each individual fellow. Success is helping each fellow to achieve their aspiration of what it means to be a productive member of the pediatric emergency medicine community.