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Faculty Research Labs

Data visualization on monitors and rows of a medical research product.

In Dell Medical School’s research environment — which spans the campuses of Dell Med, the Dell Pediatric Research Institute, The University of Texas at Austin and other locations in the city — faculty using similar techniques and equipment work near each other and share expertise from diverse fields.

This fosters transdisciplinary discourse and operational efficiencies that bolster the school’s research output. Researchers and lab members benefit from opportunities to gather with colleagues in related areas of expertise to connect on their work. The result of this model? A strong team, focused on transforming health.

Areas of Research

Explore a listing of research lab websites managed by Dell Med-affiliated investigators. Faculty lab sites provide details on active work, opportunities to collaborate, openings and people working within them.

Not all research faculty members have lab sites or are represented on this page. To learn more about research taking place at Dell Med, view the latest news and discoveries, or explore individual departments, centers and institutes.


  • Brumback Lab | neurophysiological mechanisms of autism, electrophysiology, optogenetics
  • Lab | neuroimaging, outcome prediction, equity
  • Howard Lab | cellular neurophysiology, translational epilepsy, synaptic transmission and plasticity
  • COPE Lab | memory, aging, caregiver roadmap and support
  • CNBI | brain-machine interfaces, translational neuroscience, neurorehabilitation
  • Dobbs Lab | neural circuits, animal models, polysubstance abuse
  • Gaudet Lab | neuroinflammation, spinal cord injuries, biological clocks
  • Hamilton Lab | translational neuroscience, computational neuroscience
  • Messing Lab | translational neuroscience, addiction, pain, neuroimmune signaling
  • Noble-Haeusslein Lab | translational neuroscience, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neurorehabilitation
  • Orsini Lab | behavioral neuroscience, decision-making, sex differences, substance use disorders
  • CNBI | neural engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, closed-loop neuromodulation, human-robot interaction, BCI, imaging
  • Willsey Lab | brain-computer interfaces, computational neuroscience, neuromodulation, neural engineering, machine learning



  • Gray Lab | musculoskeletal development and homeostasis
  • TherapeUTex | drug formulation, delivery and production

Population Health

  • Harpak Lab | statistical genomics, population genetics
  • Mackert Lab | traditional and new digital media, health messaging

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

  • Main Lab | bipolar disorder, alcohol use disorder, stress
  • Fenno Lab | molecular engineering, systems neuroscience