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Returning Health Care to Its Purpose: Health

In health care, value is created by improving the health outcomes that matter most to individuals and families. This value is increased when it is achieved with less expense and less time. The University of Texas at Austin’s Dell Medical School and McCombs School of Business created the Value Institute for Health and Care to accelerate the transformation to high-value health care delivery.

While today’s health system includes many individual examples of high-value care, achieving it at scale requires restructuring health and care services around the needs of individuals and around the relationships that enable health. The aspiration of the Value Institute team is that excellent outcomes from supportive, kind, safe and efficient care become the norm.

Elizabeth Teisberg and Scott Wallace, who work with organizations around the world to implement high-value health care, lead the institute. Their work builds on Teisberg’s 2006 book “Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results,” co-authored with Harvard Business School’s Michael E. Porter, which introduced the concept of value to health care delivery.

Through education, research and thought leadership, the institute serves as a resource for those seeking to catalyze change in how health care is delivered.

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The Steps to Transformation

The Value Institute offers a framework to support the implementation of value-based health care. It involves organizing care around defined patient segments, delivering comprehensive solutions, organizing interdisciplinary teams, and measuring results for the individuals and families who are served.

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From Stories to Solutions

Solutions for individuals and families create value by improving health in meaningful ways. Transformative innovation is enabled by understanding the needs and journeys of people as they deal with health challenges. The Value Institute uses the Experience Group human-centered research methodology to inform clinical teams about relevant patient segments, gaps in care, patients’ obstacles to health and the outcomes that matter most to them. With these insights, clinicians, care design teams, employee benefits designers and others can more effectively transform to value-based care and benefits models.

Two individuals collaborate on how to best measure patient outcomes

Measuring What Matters

Clinicians need to know if they are succeeding in improving their patients’ health. The Value Institute helps leaders and organizations implement effective outcomes measurement using the Capability, Comfort and Calm outcome framework. This framework offers a small number of highly relevant outcome measures that care teams can use to measure the outcomes that matter most to patients.

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