Making a Difference, Here & Beyond
The community invests in Dell Med. In return, it’s our responsibility — one we take seriously — to be agents for change and to show real impact.
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Creating a New Kind of Doctor
We recruit and train physician leaders as comfortable taking on systemic challenges in health as caring for individual patients.
Improving Care. Improving Health.
We’re here to make health — including health care — better. The end goal is a complete revolution in how people get and stay healthy.
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Discovery to Impact — Faster
We reward creative thinking and encourage rapid experimentation, using collaborative programs to speed promising research to market.
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Let’s Do Big Things Together
True health demands that the whole work in harmony, which is why we’re dedicated to partnership. Indeed, we can’t achieve our goals without it.
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Meet Dell Med
We’re rethinking the role of academic medicine in improving health — and doing so with a unique focus on our community.
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Transform Health Care Spotlight: Douglas Tyler, M.D. »

Douglas Tyler, M.D., explains what he’s looking forward to as part of the incoming Master of Science in Health Care Transformation class of 2020.

An Interprofessional Approach to Creating Medical Devices »

Learners from UT Austin and Dell Medical School collaborated this spring to design biomedical devices with the potential to improve health and care.

36 Hours as a Surgical Resident »

Only about one-third of surgeons are women. But three sit at the top of Dell Med’s residency program, following a trend toward greater representation in the field. REthink follows a day — and then some — with one of them.

Health Policy & Reform: 5 Things Every Med Student Should Know »

See five key learnings from ex-FDA head Mark McClellan and HHS veteran Karen DeSalvo — both now members of the faculty at Dell Medical School — on health policy and reform.

Supporting Abuse Survivors & Ending the Cycle of Violence »

Dell Med faculty, staff, residents and students learned about SAFE Alliance’s work at the school’s inaugural Community Connect series.

Health Data: Don’t Be Creepy With Your Tech »

The March Texas Health CoLab Learning Series event featured Aaron Miri, CIO for Dell Med, discussing points to consider when building a health IT startup.

By Verena Kallhoff, Ph.D.
Transform Health Care Spotlight: Joe & Kathleen Funk »

Joe and Kathleen Funk explain what they’re looking forward to as part of the incoming Master of Science in Health Care Transformation class of 2020.

In Defense of Being the “Difficult Patient” »

Drawing from experience, Elise Raymund encourages people with cancer to ask questions about their treatment plan and to prioritize their own personal goals.

By Elise R. Raymund
The HLA Effect: Taking Classes & Creating One, Too »

Third-year neuroscience student Deepanjili Donthula created a communications class for health care students between taking some of her own.

Students Launch Inaugural Global Health Conference at Dell Med  »

Student organizers Brennan Lanier and Thomas Varkey recap the inaugural Global to Local conference hosted by the Global Health Interest Group at Dell Med.

Great Health Care Depends on Great Teams »

Prakash Jayakumar, a U.K. Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice doing research at Dell Medical School, reflects on the benefits of working across teams.

Get Waivered, Texas! One Way to Address the Opioid Epidemic »

The SHOUT Texas program at Dell Med hosted its first X-waiver training for Travis County practitioners to inform them about the opioid epidemic and interventions they may provide regardless of medical specialty.

By Richard Bottner, PA-C
Doctor Ratings, Fearful Practicing & Compromised Care »

Doctors can be misrepresented or harmed by quantitative measurements and numerical scales. While patient satisfaction matters, public ratings can be misleading.

Corporate Transactions for Early Stage Companies »

The February Texas Health CoLab Learning Series featured a panel of speakers discussing practical information and considerations that impact health care startup work.

By Verena Kallhoff, Ph.D.
The HLA Effect: Improving Sex Education for LGBTQ People »

Mallory Culbert created a blog to help improve sex education for queer people.

What I Mean When I Say ‘Health’ »

Jewel Mullen, associate dean for health equity, explains that health is more than simply being “not sick.”

By Jewel Mullen, M.D., MPH
The Central Texas Health Innovation Ecosystem: Insights & Experiences »

A panel of local health entrepreneurs discussed their path in health entrepreneurship and shared their insights for the November Texas Health CoLab Learning Series.

By Verena Kallhoff, Ph.D.
Technology in the (Health Communication) Classroom »

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of technology in the classroom and think about how it can best be used to enhance student learning.

By Michael Mackert, Ph.D.
A Speckle of Hope: A UT Austin Project’s Journey Through & Beyond Texas Health Catalyst »

With help from the Texas Health CoLab, work by a UT Austin research team on a “game changer” technology is in the process of being commercialized.

Advance Care Planning Is Key to Healthier End-of-Life Care »

Health in the context of serious illness is often about maintaining a sense of control, and yet often sudden events seem to create chaos for patients and families.

By Paul Tatum, M.D.