Pediatric Residency: Conferences/Didactics


Morning Report

Designed to provide residents with a broad exposure to inpatient pediatric topics, morning report has a variable format with lectures, case presentations, subspecialty conferences, radiology rounds, and Morbidity and Mortality Conferences.

Morning Didactics / Noon Conference

Morning Didactics provide protected time for learning. Senior residents attend lectures on Tuesday morning from 7-9am. Interns and medical students attend lecture on Wednesday morning from 7-9am. Lecture topics cover the entire core curriculum presented by teaching faculty, subspecialists and visiting lecturers. Lectures are specific to the level of learners in attendance.

Noon Conferences include additional topics from the core curriculum and also include small group discussion sessions, workshops, Outpatient Yale Curriculum and non-clinical training.

Grand Rounds

Faculty, subspecialists, or guest lecturers present an in-depth discussion of a single topic for faculty, resident and staff education.

Attending Rounds

Teaching rounds and supervision of patient care with immediate feedback to residents during inpatient, PICU, NICU and nursery rotations.

Ambulatory Care Conference

Residents and faculty present topics on well-child care, anticipatory guidance, and ambulatory care issues during the ambulatory clinic rotation at East Austin Clinic.

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