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The Family Medicine Residency curriculum focuses on balanced ambulatory and hospital-based clinical rotations. The program facilitates ambulatory rotations in each year of training with a focus on chronic disease management, preventive care, nutrition and occupational health.

The academic year is 13 blocks that are four weeks each.

  • Electives (4.5 total): Select from approved elective experiences for educational enhancement.
  • Selectives (3 total): Required rotations, which can be taken in any of the three years (dermatology, musculoskeletal/orthopedics, musculoskeletal/sports medicine).

Rotation sites:

  • CommUnityCare Southeast Health and Wellness Center (SHWC)
  • Dell Children’s Medical Center (DCMC)
  • Dell Seton Medical Center (DSMC)
  • Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin (SMCA)


The first-year curriculum is designed to reinforce and expand the knowledge and skills that are acquired in medical school. An extremely compact and highly organized year, the emphasis is on acute inpatient care with a solid introduction to the Southeast Health and Wellness Center ambulatory population.

"Training Location","Length","Shifts"
"Continuity Clinic","Year-Round","1 to 5 half-days per week"
"*Ambulatory FM Clinic (SHWC)","1 Block","No call (weekly: clinics and workshops)"
"Elective/Selective","1 Block","No call"
"Emergency Medicine (DSMC)","1 Block","Shift work (12 10-hour shifts)"
"Family Medicine Inpatient Service (DSMC)","2 Blocks","Call every third day (12-hour shift); short call other days"
"ICU (DSMC)","1 Block","Rounding shifts; 2 long call shifts per week"
"Internal Medicine Wards (DSMC)","1 Block","5-day cycle/pre-call, long call, post-call, short calls"
"Obstetrics Service (SMCA)","2 Blocks","12-hour shifts"
"Nursery (SMCA)","1 Block","10-hour shifts"
"Pediatric Wards (DCMC)","2 Blocks","12-hour shifts"
"Surgery (DSMC)","1 Block","12-hour shifts; 2 weeks home call"

Vacation: three weeks

*Ambulatory FM Clinic PGY-1: Increased clinical time at SHWC; emphasis on chronic disease management, including the completion of ABFM self-assessment modules in diabetes, hypertension and asthma


Approximately 50% of time spent is in a hospital setting and 50% in ambulatory care. Clinical experiences in musculoskeletal orthopaedics/sports medicine, neurology (inpatient and ambulatory) and increased involvement at the SHWC are included in this year. Resident may choose to substitute the musculoskeletal block for elective block and complete both musculoskeletal blocks in PGY-3.

"Training Location","Length","Shifts"
"Continuity Clinic (SHWC)","Year-Round","2 to 6 half-days per week"
"*Ambulatory FM Clinic (SHWC)","1 Block","No call (6 to 8 clinics weekly)"
"Cardiology (DSMC)","1 Block","Call during the week until 5 p.m. only"
"Community Medicine (ambulatory: multiple sites)","1 Block","No call"
"Family Medicine Inpatient Service (DSMC)","3 Blocks","Call every third day; overnight on weekends"
"Family Medicine Night Float (DSMC)","1 Block","8 p.m. to 10 a.m. with no daytime responsibilities"
"Gynecology (ambulatory: multiple sites)","1 Block","Call for GYN patients in DSMC emergency department"
"Medicine Specialty Clinic (multiple sites)","1 Block","No call; ambulatory experience in medicine subspecialties"
"Neurology (DSMC; ambulatory clinics)","1 Block","Call 1 day per week and 1 weekend"
"Nursing Home (assigned to 1 of 2 sites)","Year-Round","1 half-day per month with no call"
"OB Continuity Delivery (SMCA)"," ","Assigned by block throughout the year"
"Musculoskeletal (orthopaedics/sports medicine)","1 Block","No call; ambulatory (private preceptors)"
"Pediatrics Outpatient (SHWC; multiple sites)","1 Block","No call; ambulatory"
"Psychiatry Consult (DSMC)","1 Block","Weekdays only"

Vacation: three weeks

*Ambulatory FM Clinic PGY-2: Increased clinical time in the SHWC; self-study modules with emphasis on provision of prevention health services, adult/pediatric immunization and nutrition including the completion of ABFM self-assessment modules in preventive health and health behavior


Significant time in the third year is spent in the ambulatory care setting either at SHWC or in private offices in the community. With available elective blocks, this year is perfect for tailoring your education experience to enhance skills for your future practice. Popular electives include additional selective rotations (dermatology, gynecology/women’s health, musculoskeletal), correctional medicine, HIV medicine, palliative care/consult service and urgent care. Residents may participate in one global health or away elective (must receive program director approval).

"Training Location","Length","Shifts"
"Continuity Clinic (SHWC)","Year-Round","2 to 5 half-days per week"
"*Ambulatory FM Clinic (SHWC)","1 Block","No call (8 clinics weekly)"
"Dermatology (ambulatory)","1 Block","No call"
"Elective","3.5 Blocks","No call"
"Emergency Medicine: Crash/Trauma (DSMC)","1 Block","12 10-hour shifts"
"Family Medicine Inpatient Service (DSMC)","2.5 Blocks","Call every third day 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. only; overnight on weekends"
"Family Medicine Night Float (DSMC)","1 Block","8 p.m. to 10 a.m. with no daytime responsibilities"
"Nursing Home (assigned to 1 of 2 sites)","Year-Round","1 half-day per month with no call"
"OB Continuity (SMCA)"," ","Assigned by block throughout the year (3 total)"
"Musculoskeletal (orthopaedics or sports medicine; ambulatory)","1 Block","No call"
"Pediatric Emergency Medicine (DCMC)","1 Block","11 9-hour shifts"
"Surgical Subspecialty (ambulatory: ENT, ophthalmology, urology)","1 Block","No call"

Vacation: three weeks

*Ambulatory FM Clinic PGY-3: Increased clinical time at SHWC, clinical experience in employee/occupational health and physical therapy; complete disability determination module, ABFM self-assessment module in chronic pain management

Other Curriculum Details

Patient care is provided in an interdisciplinary, collaborative fashion with social work, nursing, case management, nutrition and pharmacy. Common ambulatory procedures are performed during continuity clinic in the ambulatory center at Southeast Health and Wellness Center. Additionally, all residents are assigned to work in the ambulatory center with family medicine faculty physicians in the general procedures clinic and gynecology procedures clinic at the center in each year of training.

Elective opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • adolescent medicine
  • behavioral medicine
  • cancer survivorship
  • correctional medicine
  • dermatology
  • gender-affirming care
  • geriatric psychiatry
  • global health
  • health care advocacy
  • HIV/AIDS medicine
  • health care for people experiencing homelessness
  • osteopathic med/OMT
  • medicine subspecialties:
    • cardiology
    • endocrine
    • gastrointestinal
    • renal
    • rheumatology
    • pulmonary
  • pain management
  • palliative care
  • physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • radiology
  • rural medicine
  • sports medicine
  • student health
  • sexually transmitted disease clinic
  • tuberculosis clinic
  • urgent care
  • wound care