Diagnostic Medicine

Dell Medical School’s Department of Diagnostic Medicine, one of only a handful of similar medical school departments nationwide, is chaired by R. Nick Bryan, MD, PhD, a radiologist and nationally known leader in the field.

The department is developing partnerships with local clinical practices and community physicians to redefine how diagnostic testing is designed, delivered and leveraged to improve health.

Most medical schools approach diagnostic medicine — the practice and techniques used to diagnose disease — through traditional departments of pathology, radiology and laboratory medicine. At Dell Med, these three specialties will be integrated. This new approach to diagnosing diseases has multiple potential benefits for Central Texas patients and physicians: improving accuracy in diagnoses, making testing more convenient and efficient, lowering costs, and broadly integrating patient health data with electronic medical records.

Key local partners include Austin Radiological Association (ARA Diagnostic Imaging) and Clinical Pathology Associates (CPA). Collaboration around diagnostic medicine also extends to other Dell Med partners, such as Seton Healthcare Family, part of Ascension. Whether performed in in-patient facilities managed by Seton or outpatient clinical sites jointly operated by Dell Med and Seton, diagnostic testing will be coordinated with patient needs, specialty physicians in ARA and CPA will supervise and interpret the tests, and the results will be promptly available to regional referring physicians and their patients.