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Year of AI: Focus on AI in Health

Aerial view of The University of Texas at Austin campus with a burnt orange illustrated gradient overlaid on the image.

At The University of Texas at Austin, artificial Intelligence is more than a field of study; it’s a strategic focus driving transdisciplinary collaborations, groundbreaking research and the development of future leaders poised to navigate this fast-evolving landscape.

By designating 2024 the Year of AI, the University is stepping up as a global leader in the field.

Advancing Health & Well-Being With AI

At Dell Med, our team of health and health care innovators and experts works to bring a focus to AI in health, including the issues, opportunities and potential benefits surrounding it.

Particularly in the context of the new UT Medical Center — including a specialty hospital owned and operated by UT plus an MD Anderson Cancer Center — leveraging and maximizing the benefits of technologies such as AI are a critical part of shaping the future of health and medicine.

Related efforts include collaborative projects with partners such as UT’s Machine Learning Laboratory and its new Center for Generative AI as well as educational collaboration with the Institute for Machine Learning. Dell Med experts are also thought leaders in this space, as evidenced by signature UT at SXSW events on brain-computer interface and Austin’s burgeoning life sciences sector.

AI in Health Research & Resources

Innovations to Enable & Advance AI in Health

Dell Med’s Texas Health Catalyst program works to identify promising health and life sciences innovations and propel them toward real-world impact. The program provides UT researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs customized guidance on product development from industry and clinical experts — as well as milestone-based seed funding.

Aligned with UT’s Year of AI, Texas Health Catalyst offers an “AI in Health Challenge” in partnership with the Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning, giving University innovators the opportunity to submit pioneering proposals that hold the promise of reshaping health care delivery and enhancing patient outcomes with artificial intelligence.

Cross-Campus Research to Advance AI in Health Care

Leveraging UT’s world-class research environment, Dell Med and the IC2 Institute have partnered together to offer UT researchers one-year funding awards for research projects aligned with the theme of “Designing Artificial Intelligence to Mitigate Health Disparities.”

Recognizing the evolving AI landscape, the Association of American Medical Colleges offers the academic medicine community a suite of scholarly resources, events and more to stay informed with the latest in AI and medical education.

AI in Health Across the Forty Acres