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We recruit and train physician leaders as comfortable taking on systemic challenges in health as caring for individual patients.
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We’re here to make health — including health care — better. The end goal is a complete revolution in how people get and stay healthy.
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M.D., Medicine
Indiana University


Residency, Internal Medicine
Indiana University Medical Center

Fellowship, Biomedical Informatics and Health Services Research
Regenstrief Institute


William Tierney is a general internist, medical informaticist and health services researcher serving as the inaugural chair of the Department of Population Health at Dell Medical School. He and his department are playing a leading role in Dell Medical School’s mission to help make Austin a model healthy city. The Department of Population Health focuses on community engagement, health equity, primary care, occupational health, family medicine, health information and data analytic sciences and global health.

Tierney is internationally recognized for research in biomedical informatics, health system improvement and clinical database epidemiology. He has implemented and studied electronic medical records (EMRs) and health information technologies at Indiana University and the Regenstrief Institute, where he was president and CEO from 2010 to 2015 when he was also associate dean for research at the Indiana University School of Medicine and chair of the Department of Internal Medicine for Eskenazi Health, the nation’s fourth largest safety net health system, where he practiced for more than 35 years as a primary care physician, emergency physician and hospitalist.

Tierney was the founding director of informatics and research for the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH), a 38-year collaboration of more than a 20 North American universities, led by Indiana University, with Moi University in Kenya. Since 2005, AMPATH has received more than $120 million in research funding. Tierney was the founding director of the Regional East African Center for Health Informatics that created sub-Saharan Africa’s first ambulatory electronic medical record system. He partnered with informatics developers from the Regenstrief Institute, Partners in Health and the Medical Research Council of South Africa to create, implement, assess and disseminate OpenMRS, an open-source EMR platform that has been implemented in more than 60 countries and is the national EMR for Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Mozambique, Bangladesh and the Philippines, among other countries. Tierney served as chair of the board of directors of OpenMRS Inc. from 2011 to 2018.

Tierney was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 2006. He is also a Master of the American College of Physicians, member of the Association of American Physicians, fellow and current president of the American College of Medical Informatics, inaugural fellow of the International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics and fellow of the Royal College of Physicians London. He was president of the Society of General Internal Medicine and co-editor-in-chief of Medical Care (1998-2003) and the Journal of General Internal Medicine (2005-09). He has received the lifetime achievement award from the nation’s leading organizations in three disciplines: the Society of General Internal Medicine, the American College of Medical Informatics and the Society for Clinical and Translational Science.

Professional Affiliations
  • American College of Physicians
    Fellow 1987, Master 2008
  • Society of General Internal Medicine
    President, 1996-97
  • American College of Informatics
    Fellow 1988, President 2018-20
  • American Medical Informatics Association
    Board of Directors 1996-99
  • Association of American Physicians
Awards & Honors
  • Robert J. Glaser Award
    Society of General Internal Medicine, 2010
  • Morris F. Collen Award
    American College of Medical Informatics, 2011
  • National Award for Career Achievement and Contribution to Clinical and Translational Science
    Association for Clinical and Translational Science, 2011
  • Alvan R. Feinstein Memorial Award
    American College of Physicians, 2011
  • Elected
    National Academy of Medicine, 2006