Creating a New Kind of Doctor
We recruit and train physician leaders as comfortable taking on systemic challenges in health as caring for individual patients.
Discovery to Impact — Faster
We reward creative thinking and encourage rapid experimentation, using collaborative programs to speed promising research to market.
Improving Care. Improving Health.
We’re here to make health — including health care — better. The end goal is a complete revolution in how people get and stay healthy.
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Health in the Landscape of Life
Enabling the healthscape, the ecosystem outside the clinic, requires improving the system to pay for health drivers.
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Meet Dell Med
We’re rethinking the role of academic medicine in improving health — and doing so with a unique focus on our community.
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Community Strategy Team

Meet the Team

  • Stephanie Cerda is a purpose-driven and passionate leader with over 15 years of experience in education and nonprofit spaces advocating for more equitable systems in underserved communities across Central Texas. She holds both a B.A. and M.Ed. from The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Hilda Gutiérrez’s academic, professional and personal life’s work has been devoted to social change, deeply rooted in her lived experiences interfacing with various systems. Gutiérrez holds a master’s degree in Latin American studies from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and a bachelor’s degree in feminist studies from Southwestern University.
  • Rocky Lane (he/him/his) is a creative entrepreneur and advocate. He has spent his life devoted to community and cause, with experiences in health, wellness, entertainment and entrepreneurship. Lane is a media creator, a creative consultant, an advocate and a community engagement and inclusion specialist.
  • Jeanette Monsalve is a full-spectrum caregiver and community navigator from South Austin, Texas. She is the co-founder of Yo Mama’s Catering Cooperative, Mamas of Color Rising and Mama Sana Vibrant Woman. Monsalve’s life work has centered on supporting people through loss and life.
  • An Austin native, Cherelle VanBrakle grew up with a sense of commitment and passion for her community and neighborhood. This comes through in her personal mission to make sure the community is “in the room where it happens” or has a seat or voice at the table where decisions are being made. VanBrakle graduated from Texas Lutheran University in Seguin with a Bachelor of Science in exercise physiology and biology. She went on to earn a Master of Education in exercise science at Texas State University. While there, she completed a study titled “The Effect of Environmental Factors and Socioeconomic Status on Body Mass Index and Physical Activity in a Sample of Adolescents from Austin, Texas.”
  • Rocío Villalobos is an Austin native and graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in education. Over the past decade, Villalobos has worked to advance various social justice issues as well as support young people’s leadership development in the Austin area. Villalobos brings a commitment to equity and joy to her work in the community.
  • La’arni Ayuma
  • Deborah Beresky
  • Kelene Blake-Fallon
  • Alejandro Caceres
  • Lilliana Cardona-Martinez
  • Kellee Coleman
  • Lorena Sanchez Cruz
  • Priscilla Hale
  • David Johnson
  • Gilpreet Kooner
  • Ari Luna
  • Esther Chung Martin
  • Marva Overton
  • Carmen Llanes Pulido
  • Paula X. Rojas
  • Molly Wang