Texas Health Catalyst

Accelerating the translation of innovations to health products

Texas Health Catalyst illustration

A program of Dell Medical School in collaboration with the Cockrell School of Engineering, College of Natural Sciences, College of Pharmacy and Office of Technology Commercialization at The University of Texas at Austin. 

Texas Health Catalyst aims to:

  •  Identify promising innovations that have the potential to improve the value of care.
  •  Offer timely and customized guidance on the research and development pathway from industry and clinical experts to help translate innovative concepts toward the clinic.
  •  Provide milestone-based seed funding for exceptional projects that fit with strategic priorities of Dell Medical School and have the potential to improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs and/or enhance the experience of patients, families, caregivers and health care providers.

Benefits to Applicants:

Awardees can receive up to $50K to help advance their research but the benefits of the program extend far beyond the award grant.

  •  Applicants can receive customized feedback regarding the merits of their research project, potential roadblocks in their clinical translation plan and how to address some of these barriers.
  •  Selected applicants work closely with experienced industry experts who provide not only specific strategic, regulatory and marketing expertise, but also introductions to potential collaborators, licensing targets and sources of funding.
  •  The program also offers educational opportunities to applicants that can help hone clinical development strategies, improve market potential and build momentum to help to move these solutions from bench to bedside.  

The Texas Health Catalyst program is proud to announce our partnership with the Austin Healthcare Council. Winning teams will also get a unique opportunity to meet with and present their innovation to the Austin Healthcare Council Founding Members. Texas Health Catalyst teams will receive valuable feedback and insights from Austin’s leading health care systems, while health care leaders will get to hear about some of the best value-focused health innovation in the region.

Texas Health Catalyst is currently supported by funding from the Small Business Association, Texas 4000 and the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Texas Health Catalyst team