Neurology Residency

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Welcome from Dr. Kent Ellington, Program Director and Dr. David Paydarfar, Chair

On behalf of our faculty, trainees, and staff, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Neurology Training Program at Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin.

This is an exciting time to be entering the field of neurology. Our understanding of neurological illnesses is growing rapidly through discoveries in the basic and clinical neurosciences. Neurologists are at the leading edge of breakthrough technologies and therapeutic advances that are poised to improve outcomes in even the most devastating neurological diseases.

Our faculty members believe that resident training should combine the excitement of traditional clinical case analysis with the experiences in new models of person-centered, multidisciplinary care. In this way your education will form the foundation for a lifetime of learning and expertise in any practice setting that you choose. We strive to foster an open, dynamic learning environment that encourages discussion and debate, with the compassionate, personalized care of patients at the center of our efforts.

We aspire to graduate master clinicians who can translate advances in basic neurobiology to insights in patient care, and who think of their hospital, clinic, and community as laboratories for advancing health and health care delivery. We also feel it is important for you to gain mastery in the art of teaching, not only to educate and mentor medical students and your co-residents, but also to strengthen the therapeutic alliance with your patients.

Our curriculum provides rigorous core training in the diagnostic approach and therapeutic management in all areas of neurology, in both inpatient and outpatient settings including important rotations in community-based clinics. In addition, we encourage our residents to develop research and quality improvement projects early in their training with our rapidly expanding faculty, investigating vascular neurology, neuro-immunology, neuro-informatics, population health, dementia, neuro-imaging, and neurobiology of traumatic injury.

Our training program is located in Austin, Texas – a vibrant, entrepreneurial, and socially conscious city – and is an integral part of The University of Texas, a first-tier research university with outstanding research communities in the biological and neurosciences, which have formed strong alliances in training and research with the Department of Neurology at Dell Medical School.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or questions regarding our program.


Kent Ellington, MD

Assistant Professor and Director, Neurology Residency Training Program

David Paydarfar, MD

Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology