Support the Dell Medical School

Dell Medical School needs you. Community support created the medical school, and your continued support will ensure it becomes the world-class academic medical center envisioned by Travis County taxpayers.

We’re out to revolutionize how people get and stay healthy. Whether you give to support our exceptional students, our cutting-edge buildings, our renowned faculty, or our game-changing programs, we can’t do it without you. Together we will pioneer advances in health and health care, change the way we train future doctors, make care available to all Central Texans, and boost the regional and state economies.

Mary Abell

Donor Stories

Our goals may be lofty, but thanks to the generosity of our donors, they’re within reach. Read more about our extraordinary donors and what inspires them to give to Dell Medical School.

Students on South Mall


Scholarships ensure we can recruit the very best students to become tomorrow’s physician leaders. Scholarships mean our students choose a specialty because they are passionate about it and know they can make a difference — not because they have to pay off a student loan.

Health Learning Building


As the first new med school at a top-tier university in nearly half a century, our facilities for teaching and patient care are modern with the latest technology and innovations. Together, they form a health district that will transform medical education, research and clinical care for the 21st century.

Dell Med white coat


Our faculty members are more than great doctors — they’re also healthcare visionaries. Most are known for their teaching or research expertise and are in high demand, especially by other med schools competing for their talents. Often, the deciding factor in recruiting these superstars is philanthropy.


Founders Circle

Big leaps forward require bold investors willing to take chances on revolutionary new ideas. Dell Medical School’s ground-level investors are members of our Founders Circle, and it’s not too late to join them.

Dell Medical School Summer Camp 2015

Health Sciences Summer Camps

Steering promising young people toward medical careers starts early. Our weeklong Health Sciences Summer Camps bring Travis County middle-schoolers and high-schoolers to campus to learn about health professions and conduct hands-on experiments.


Affinity Groups

Affinity groups bring together members of the community with similar interests and a shared goal of revolutionizing the way people get and stay healthy.