Patient-Centered Cancer Support

Starting from scratch, the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes have an unparalleled opportunity to design a collaborative clinical cancer care framework in partnership with community providers that is informed by patients themselves and meets the needs of those who receive a cancer diagnosis and their loved ones. It will require:

  • Building a multidisciplinary, coordinated team
    The LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes will provide integrated, whole-person care through support teams that address patients’ unique needs and deliver individualized care plans. Teams will include professionals in mental health, social work, palliative care, nutrition, financial services and care management.
  • Identifying and filling gaps in cancer diagnosis and treatment
    By increasing the number of disease-specific oncologists in Austin, the institutes will extend existing oncology resources and facilitate multidisciplinary, disease-focused tumor clinics in partnership with the Central Texas cancer care community.
  • Increasing access to high-quality care
    The LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes’ aim is to develop a new model for cancer detection, prevention, treatment, survivorship, education and research that ensures everyone has access to high-quality care when they need it, regardless of income, education, neighborhood or ethnic background.
  • Creating a survivorship program
    The institutes will address the chronic adverse effects of treatment and secondary prevention of cancer recurrence.

Dell Medical School clinics will be environments of continual learning and improvement. Best practices will be incubated locally and disseminated nationally. To reduce cancer’s physical, financial and emotional impact on patients and their families, the institutes are developing solutions to address these challenges and others in the Central Texas health care system. Read more >