Creating a New Kind of Doctor
We recruit and train physician leaders as comfortable taking on systemic challenges in health as caring for individual patients.
Discovery to Impact — Faster
We reward creative thinking and encourage rapid experimentation, using collaborative programs to speed promising research to market.
Improving Care. Improving Health.
We’re here to make health — including health care — better. The end goal is a complete revolution in how people get and stay healthy.
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Health in the Landscape of Life
Enabling the healthscape, the ecosystem outside the clinic, requires improving the system to pay for health drivers.
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Meet Dell Med
We’re rethinking the role of academic medicine in improving health — and doing so with a unique focus on our community.
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2023 Training Locations & Specialties

Jeremiah Alexander, Massachusetts General Hospital, Orthopaedic Surgery
Avery Allen, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Pediatrics
Faiz Baqai, Baylor College of Medicine, Internal Medicine
Safiya-Hana Belbina, Pritzker School of Medicine, Urology
Maius Bianca Bermejo, Baylor College of Medicine, Anesthesiology
James Bradford, University of Chicago Medical Center, General Surgery
Calvin Chandler, Carolinas Medical Center, Orthopaedic Surgery
Mavis Coffman, The Christ Hospital, Family Medicine
Cody Cowley, Duke University Medical Center, Diagnostic Radiology
Joshua Cummings, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Orthopaedic Surgery
Donald Dennis, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Diagnostic Radiology
Alexandra Fincher, Dell Medical School, Pediatrics
Mackenzie Franklin, University of Virginia, Internal Medicine
Rachel Gorham, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Internal Medicine
Daphne Hancock, Dell Medical School, Primary Medicine
Girija Hariprasad, University of Southern California, Emergency Medicine
John Harman, University of Texas Medical Branch, Anesthesiology
Cole Holan, Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education, Plastic Surgery
Umer Khan, Dell Medical School, Internal Medicine
Jessica Killingley, Dell Medical School, Emergency Medicine
Travis Kozak, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Pediatrics
Nina Lemieux, University of Utah Health, Pediatrics
Matthew Liu, University of Texas Health Science Center, Otolaryngology
Ayisha Mahama, Dell Medical School, Dermatology
Thuong Nguyen, Stony Brook Teaching Hospital, Psychiatry
Odera Okafor, University of California San Francisco, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Stephen Pierson, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Orthopaedic Surgery
Michelle Raji, Baylor College of Medicine, Psychiatry
Imane Ridouh, University of Texas Health Science Center, Internal Medicine
Lana Schommer-Tijerina, John Peter Smith Hospital, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Rebekah Scott, Dell Medical School, Primary Medicine
Micah Secor, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, General Surgery
Darsh Shah, University of Texas Medical Branch, Neurological Surgery
Christina Shields, Dell Medical School, General Surgery
Blake Smith, Dell Medical School, Psychiatry
Arjun Srivastava, Dell Medical School, Psychiatry
Allison Teng, University of California San Francisco, Pediatrics
Adan Tijerina, Scott & White Memorial Hospital, Urology
Zameer Vaswani, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Anesthesiology
Natalie Weston, Dell Medical School, Pediatrics
William Wright, Dell Medical School, Emergency Medicine
Derek Yan, NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University, Anesthesiology
Safiyya Zaidi, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Pediatrics

Note: For students who matched to a preliminary/transitional year and an advanced specialty, only the advanced specialty is listed.