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Summer Chemistry for Pre-Health Professions

Several young students wear laboratory overcoats and participate in chemistry activities during an Explore UT event.

The Summer Chemistry for Pre-Health Professions program at Dell Medical School provides students with a foundation in general chemistry to help close the gap in what is considered a “weed-out” class that has a high potential to impact whether students change their major or career path.

The six-week intensive general chemistry class is offered to incoming UT freshmen who are pre-health, a first-generation college student, a graduate of a Title I school or have a background that is underrepresented in medicine.

About the Experience

Over the course of six weeks, a UT chemistry instructor virtually leads students through the foundations of general chemistry (Chemistry 301). In addition to weekly lessons and homework assignments, students participate in live Q&As with the instructor, mentorship sessions with program alumni and discussions with community health care professionals.

Creating a Network of Support

Students who participate in the Summer Chemistry for Pre-Health Professions program build a community with their peers, program leaders and alumni, and experts in the field. Once the six-week program concludes, program leaders and alumni remain engaged with students beyond the topic of chemistry: They facilitate study halls throughout following semesters and provide workshops on topics such as essay writing, resume building and interview preparation, all with the goal of ensuring academic and professional success for each student that comes through the program.

The program provided me with an incredibly in-depth and completely comprehensive look into the world of chemistry and has helped me outpace much of the material being covered in Chemistry 301 now.

Kevin Vargas, Program Alum

Members of the Summer Chemistry for Pre-Health Professions program posing together in a Dell Med auditorium.
Two members of the Summer Chemistry for Pre-Health Professions program holding science flasks.
Health Sciences Yearlong Academy lecturer.


Students who have not yet taken a college chemistry course and who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate in the program:

How to Participate

In partnership with UT admissions, the Summer Chemistry for Pre-Health Professions program recruits students who meet the eligibility criteria by way of invitation. Students who accept the invitation will be contacted by a member of the program. Eligible students may also directly contact the program to express interest in participating in the experience.