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Livestrong at School

A female middle school student pointing at a projector screen while the rest of her class stands and sits behind her in an auditorium.

Through Dell Medical School, health science middle school and high school students and their teachers take experiences from the Livestrong Foundation’s award-winning Livestrong at School online cancer curriculum beyond the classroom to discuss cancer and careers with clinicians, researchers, community organizations and cancer survivors.

About the Program

High School Students

Central Texas high school students complete the Livestrong at School curriculum in their health science career and technology education classrooms. After completing the online curriculum, 11th and 12th grade students engage in three unique roundtable-style events hosted by the Livestrong Cancer Institutes: one with a focus on clinical work, one with a focus on cancer research and a third with a focus on community organizations and resources.

Additionally, 12th grade students take part in a community action plan poster session. Students work in groups to create an action plan for fighting cancer in their communities that they then present during the session. The plan might be a fundraiser, educational event or service that helps families and survivors, for example. During the session, members of the Central Texas cancer community, including Livestrong Cancer Institutes, have a chance to visit and talk with students about their plans.

Middle School Students

Middle school students complete the online curriculum in their classrooms and attend a cancer symposium hosted on the Dell Med campus that reinforces the online lessons through interactive activities, cancer career panel discussions, cancer survivor panel discussions and time with Dell Med students.

A man and a woman in wheelchairs speak to a group of students sitting at a table.
A middle school girl smiling and giving the hook 'em hand sign at the camera.
A group of middle school students pointing at a projector screen showing the location of a tumor in a scan.
A middle school girl sitting in a chair taking notes during a panel discussion.
A female Dell Med student speaking in front of a group of middle schoolers.
A middle school girl sitting in an auditorium with her class paying attention to a lecture with her head resting on her hand.

How to Participate

Since 2018, Dell Med’s Livestrong at School program has taken place in health science classes in the Austin Independent School District and IDEA Public Schools Health Professions Campus. The program — which is free for all participating school districts — aims to expand to additional Central Texas school districts in the future.

However, the Livestrong at School online curriculum is a free K-12 resource available to all families and schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions about the Livestrong at School program with the Livestrong Cancer Institutes, email the team.

The curriculum is available online.

If your child is in a health science career and technology education class in Austin ISD or IDEA Health Professions, see the welcome letter sent to all guardians in advance of the Livestrong at School curriculum deployment.

Yes, you will need to sign a photo release form before the event. If you prefer that your student not be photographed or recorded, email the Livestrong Cancer Institutes team or let your student’s teacher know prior to the event.

For questions about the Livestrong at School program with the Livestrong Cancer Institutes, email the team.

Dell Med’s Livestrong at School team has compiled a document with more information about the community action plan poster session.

Dell Med’s Livestrong at School team has curated a list of organizations that offer opportunities for anyone, including students, who are looking to make an impact.

The program is always looking for vibrant speakers who are willing to share their work and experiences with middle and high school students. Email the team if you are interested in speaking.

Dell Med’s Livestrong at School team has curated resources for students and their families who are dealing with cancer.