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Salary & Benefits

The benefits document is a summary of your Ascension Seton benefits. It includes the associate’s status required to qualify, as well as the eligibility effective date. Benefits may change during the year. If you have any questions or require further information, call 855-992-4672.


Salaries and benefits are effective on date of hire for incoming trainees and July 1 of the academic year for continuing residents and fellows.

Current Academic Year: 2023-2024
Upcoming Academic Year: 2024-2025


The following benefits are effective on date of hire for incoming trainees and July 1, 2023 for continuing residents and fellows. Current benefits (AY 2023-2024) may differ from benefits listed below.

Vacation & Continuing Medical Education

All years: 15 days annual paid leave; cannot be carried over.

Sick Leave

All years: 10 working days paid leave per academic year; cannot be carried over.

Parental, Medical & Caregiver Leave

Over the course of an entire residency, residents and fellows participating in an ACGME program are provided the opportunity, beginning the first day they are required to report, to a one-time, six-week term of paid leave for approved parental, medical or caregiver purposes which will be utilized in conjunction with any sick or vacation leave. While such paid leave is limited to six weeks, residents and fellows may be eligible for additional, unpaid leave for parental, medical or caregiver under FMLA or other unpaid leave policies. Residents and fellows will remain eligible for any available health or disability insurance benefits during a parental/medical/caregiver leave of absence.


Parking at all Ascension hospitals is provided at no charge.


Residents and fellows are provided access to Ascension hospital cafeterias while on duty. Meals are limited to $8/day for breakfast and $12/day for lunch and dinner.

Books & Technology

Residents and fellows are provided $650/year of training for books and subscriptions. Up to $500 may be used to purchase tablets or notebook computers.


Lab coats and/or scrubs are provided annually to residents and fellows subject to program specifications.

Memberships & Dues

Travis County Medical Society dues are covered at no cost. Membership to the American Medical Association is provided for residents and fellows at no cost.

Exams & Board Prep

The cost of in-training exams and Step 3 of the USMLE will be paid by the program. Additionally, once during the duration the training program, the cost of board exam registration or preparation will be provided up to $1,000.

Health Care & Other Benefits

As employees of Ascension, residents and fellows have access to a comprehensive and customizable benefit package including:

  • HDHP and PPO health plans
  • FSA and HSA programs
  • Vision and dental plans
  • Employer-matching retirement plan
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • 10 days paid parental leave and adoption assistance
  • Wellness programs and employee discount programs

Information on this page was last updated April 17, 2024.