Year 2 Curriculum – Delivery


*Students have the option to take Year 2 courses in order of their preference.

Clerkships in the Delivery Year will permit students to apply the scientific principles learned during the Essentials Year to daily care delivery activities in the clinical setting. Students will be expected to consider the scientific underpinning of clinical decision-making during the clinical activity of the clerkships, thus reinforcing the integration of basic science and clinical medicine begun in the Essentials Year.

The Delivery Year is composed of five block clerkships and a Community and Preventive Medicine Longitudinal clerkship, where students will have the opportunity to experience long-term relationships with a group of patients. Students see how the healthcare team can help a patient maintain health and manage chronic and acute disease in outpatient primary care settings. The clinical teaching faculty at the Dell Medical School are respected clinicians who have educated clinical students, residents and fellows in Austin for decades.

And what about that USMLE score? Educational research suggests that students score higher on the USMLE STEP 1 EXAM if they have significant clinical experiences to draw from and to augment their understanding of the basic sciences. We dedicate time between the second and third years for students to take USMLE.