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Community Organizations

Organizations addressing nonmedical and social health drivers — food, transportation, access and more — already play a vital role in the health ecosystem. Factor Health supports this work by helping to develop long-term, sustainable programs that can become part of the health care system. The Factor Health team collaborates with community organizations to build health programs and engages health care payers — insurers, managed care organizations, etc. — in planning and eventually paying for programs that produce results aligned with their mission.

Factor Health is a partnership between Dell Medical School and Episcopal Health Foundation.

About the Process

Factor Health connects with community organizations in each city to work through an application process. The opportunity consists of two parts:

  1. A consultation award for which you receive input on how to best position your organization to receive payment from health care payers in the future.
  2. An intervention partnership award in which a subset of consultation awardees will be selected to continue to work with Factor Health to improve their interventions and conduct a two-year demonstration pilot, while Factor Health simultaneously works with health care payers to be able to pay for the outcomes of the intervention.

The application process is a systematic approach to help understand which proposals are the best match with available resources and potential partners, and to make sure the program supports potential applicants along the way. Programs in each city have different application and process timelines.


During the open application period, Factor Health will hold several webinars to answer questions about the program and better define which organizations and interventions might be a good fit. After submitting a letter of interest (LOI), Factor Health reviews and discusses it with organizations as necessary.

Consultation awards provide organizations with an assessment and candid guidance on how they can begin or improve the ability to deliver measurable health improvements relevant to health care payers so that — in the future — they can be paid for by health care insurers and other health payers

In the inaugural cycle in Houston, up to 10 organizations will be selected for consultation awards.

Factor Health will work with organizations to understand capacity, strengths and areas of interest. The team will dig into and do the research necessary to bolster the ideas of the awardee, and provide an assessment back to the entity about strengths and areas that may need some work.

Simultaneously, Factor Health engages health care payers to identify potential matches between interventions and payers.

From the pool of consultation awardees, Factor Health will select a subset of organizations that are well-suited to build out interventions in areas where there is explicit interest from the health care payer community, (beginning with health care organizations that support care for the under and uninsured, including the health district and Medicaid Managed Care Organizations). Once selected, organizations will work closely with the Factor Health team to build out detailed intervention and outcome assessment plans.

The selected interventions will then go through a two-year demonstration period and will be supported in a variety of ways, including through financial support for resources necessary to make the intervention successful over the demonstration period and from expertise of Dell Med’s health research team who will provide outcomes assessment. Most critically, Factor Health will work with payers to move all the pieces necessary to allow for the intervention to be paid for with proven outcomes it generates at the end of the two-year demonstration.

Factor Health will have worked with health care payers during the two-year demonstration period such that interventions that are able to prove desired outcomes will have a path to sustainable contracting.

Additional Requirements

By participating in the program, applicants agree to review and change the proposals as many times as necessary; remain flexible and open to all feedback and suggested edits; and work with program and teams collaboratively to achieve specific health targets. Factor Health works to match interventions and teams to identify and address gaps with provided resources and work to improve all proposals at each step. When applicants submit their proposal, they understand that they are joining the Factor Health program and that the selection process is an evidence-based approach that defines what can or cannot be accomplished within program teams, resources and potential payers. Applicants must be responsive, work with all teams and meet set deadlines.