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Aubri S. Hoffman, Ph.D., M.S.


Ph.D., Evaluative Clinical Sciences
Dartmouth College

M.D., Anatomy, Physiology & Neuroscience
Colorado State University


Aubri Hoffman, Ph.D., is a curriculum specialist and research writer at the Value Institute for Health and Care. She also holds a courtesy research affiliate position in the Department of Biomedical Engineering for her teaching and research in applied consumer health informatics.

Hoffman’s work focuses on improving the value of health care for each and all individuals, with a focus on engaging interdisciplinary teams to address the complexity of transformation. To do so, she bridges fields such as medical decision-making, design, informatics, organizational behavior, health care finance, cognitive psychology, health communication and health equity.

An accomplished researcher and innovator, many of her studies focus on meaningfully engaging patients, families and clinical teams in co-designing tools such as patient decision aids that improve awareness, access, knowledge and action while assessing and collecting patient-reported outcomes. She particularly focuses on approaches for engaging vulnerable populations to prioritize solutions that address disparities and improve health equity.

Hoffman completed her Ph.D. in evaluative clinical science at Dartmouth College focusing on training interprofessional teams, developing digital platforms, and engaging patients and families in shared decision-making. She also holds a master’s degree in anatomy, physiology and neuroscience with an emphasis on bioethics and health communication.

She has taught courses on decision making, user-centered design, research methods, health care finance and patient engagement for over 20 years. She has led the development of 10 decision support platforms and measures, and has received several awards for her work designing and developing patient-reported outcome measures, patient decision aids, health websites, and medical and health education programs and courses.

Professional Affiliations
  • Society for Medical Decision Making
    Chair, Scientific Review Committee, 2019-2020; Chair, Lee B. Lusted Student Prize Committee, 2018-2021; Member, 2005-Present
  • International Shared Decision-Making Society
    Founding Member, 2019-Present
  • International Patient Decision Aid Standards Collaboration
    Member, Reporting Guidelines Committee, 2013-Present
  • Academy Health
    Member, 2006-2011
Awards & Honors
  • International Women’s Day Top Article
    Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Global Open, 2021
  • National Health Information & National Digital Health Information Awards
    Health Information Resource Center, 2020
  • Hermes Gold Award for Creative Design of a Health Care Website
    Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals, 2017
  • Alvin R. Tarlov & John E. Ware Jr. Research Awards in Patient Reported Outcomes
    Health Assessment Laboratory, 2011-2013
  • Student Appreciation Award
    University of California at Davis Medical School, 2003