Vision for Women's Health

The vision of the Department of Women’s Health is to promote health and equality in care delivery across the lifecycle of a woman from birth to death regardless of her need or ability to pay. We will address episodic care, which is currently the economic reality of many women, by creating innovative programs and systems of care that function as nontraditional yet sustainable compensation models. With a focus on safety and better health outcomes, we will standardize care where possible. We also plan to adopt programs that have proven successful in other communities and to leverage strengths that exist at The University of Texas at Austin. We will also join our varied partners and the team at Dell Medical School to develop these programs with a person- and family-centric focus.

Similarly, the community also has an important role to play. Improving access to community resources that promote health and keep women healthy throughout their lifetime is an essential component of our work. Identifying and linking existing resources, and developing new sustainable programs to systematically fill gaps in support, will be essential in supporting women in a model healthy community.

We will educate the next generation of physician leaders through faculty development as well as resident, fellow and student education focused on thinking differently about how care is delivered and encouraging lifelong innovation in promoting women’s health. Whether aligned with traditional investigative careers or new novel education programs built to catalyze rapid transformation within the scope of women’s health care, we plan to produce generations of innovators who prepared to rethink and improve current models of care.