Women's Health Initiatives

The Department of Women’s Health is currently working on several initiatives, including building the infrastructure necessary to establish a strong academic department and recruiting the right team. We have also been working with our partners on the development of a model for the integrated delivery system for obstetric care. Preliminary plans for providing care for the women of Travis County include three major points: standardizing care to ensure that it is safe and reproducible; ensuring that the care is compassionate and patient centric; and providing care to a patient in her community or close to her community whenever possible.

This care redesign effort involves the deployment of a comprehensive ultrasound program to better monitor pregnancy and to redistribute intermediate and high-risk care into the outlying clinics, making care more accessible to patients. Each patient visit is scripted for standardization purposes and referral guidelines ensure that patients are directed to the right level of care. Inherent in the redesign effort is the opportunity to introduce resident continuity clinics to the importance of an integrated delivery system, which has the added benefit of creating a human connection between the hospital and the outpatient settings.

Additionally, we have been working with the community to better understand the current gaps in care. Similarly we have been identifying potential innovative and investigative collaborators with similar interests in women’s health care across the UT Austin campus.