Women's Health in the Community

Dell Medical School’s Department of Women’s Health is embracing the local physician community in an effort to build on the strong foundation of care for women Travis County. Rather than replicating existing care in Austin, we are focused on enhancing care by providing new programs and providers to fill gaps and identify under-utilized resources.

In addition, it is our goal to develop multidisciplinary centers to harness the unique experiences and talents that can only come from multidisciplinary collaboration. These centers will benefit our patients and providers and augment care options so that patients can find the care they need in our community. In a community of this size and sophistication, there should be no need to go elsewhere for affordable, high-quality care.

In addition to providing new resources, we will also bring best practices to our community. Through programs such as our Community Education Series, we are bringing leading experts here to share their insights with our community. Best practices learned through care delivery innovations will also be shared with providers and patients.

Importantly, we are developing mechanisms to ensure open and continual communication around innovation development, and we invite the community to contribute ideas and work in collaboration with us to improve the health and well-being of women and children in our community.