Nick Smith-Stanley

Portrait of Nick Smith-Stanley

Nick Smith-Stanley

Assistant Director of Administration and Finance

LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes

Nick Smith-Stanley is Assistant Director of Finance and Administration for the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes where he will provide strategic leadership, oversight and managements of operations and finance. Within the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Center Structure, he also serves as Associate Director of Finance and Administration. He is part of the LCI Executive and Governance Committees and will help establish the strategic direction, policy and priorities of the Institutes. Nick is charged with developing and implementing research and grants administrative processes and will oversee LCI research membership and shared resources. He will also manage communication for the Institutes.

Nick moved to Austin in 2009 after graduating from Florida State University. Before joining Dell Medical School, Nick worked in government relations and health policy and clinical services for the Health and Human Services Commission. When not working, Nick enjoys spending time with his wife and family, reading, sports and exploring Austin.