Chris Webb, PhD

Portrait of Chris Webb, PhD

Chris Webb, PhD

Associate Dean for Research
Chief Research Officer

Dr. Chris Webb serves as the Chief Research Officer and Associate Dean for Research, crafting strategies that enable investigator and school success in research and development. In seeking ways that will advance the pace and efficiency of research to improve health, Chris is developing an efficient and supportive operational infrastructure that will allow investigators to focus on collaborative research endeavors, not administrative minutiae.

Prior to joining Dell Med, Chris was the Assistant Dean for Clinical & Translational Research and Executive Director of the Clinical and Translational Institute at Stanford University, where he demonstrated creative leadership in an academic research enterprise. Chris devoted 15 years supporting biomedical research at Stanford, constantly seeking ways to improve the academic environment so that smart people could accomplish great things. Chris is a molecular biologist trained at Harvard, with experience in developmental biology, genomics, information technology and technology development. He also had a two-year stint at DARPA where he was convinced that interdisciplinary, team research can result in the greatest impact.

Chris is an avid fan of his wife and four kids, greatly enjoying the time he has with them as they all explore magnificent sights, eat delicious food, and meet fascinating people on this grand adventure we call life.