Surgery and Perioperative Care Research Programs

The Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care’s top research priority is to study the impact of new care models in health care delivery. The department’s areas of focus span from new payment mechanisms to innovative ways to measure patient-reported outcomes. These efforts will help the department accurately evaluate the value of care provided to patients and will assist it in using data to identify key areas for quality and cost improvement.

Select Research Projects

Is a surgeon value scorecard associated with improved value in elective primary hip and knee arthroplasty? Researchers are evaluating new initiatives to determine their impact on the value of care delivered. (Lead Investigators: Kevin Bozic, MD, MBA and Angela Winegar, PhD)

Patient-identified barriers and facilitators to completing pre-visit patient-reported outcomes surveys. Our clinicians use patient-reported outcomes (PROs) routinely as part of patient care and clinical decision-making. What are the barriers and facilitators, from the patient’s perspective, of completing PRO surveys ahead of their clinic visit? (Lead Investigator: Karl Koenig, MD, MS)

Is pre-visit expressive writing associated with a higher visit satisfaction and improved perceived empathy? This is one of several studies researchers are working on to measure aspects of resiliency and interventions to bolster it. (Lead investigators: David Ring, MD, PhD and Carrie Barron, MD)

Weekly Reading List

Every week, Surgery and Perioperative Care curates a list of four to five original research articles and perspective pieces from top peer-reviewed journals that are highly relevant to efforts to improve health care value. Topics range from value-based payment models to physician leadership and training. The reading list also includes relevant stories from the week’s news as well as publications and reports from leading health care organizations.

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Research Opportunities for Medical Students

Summer Research Assistant (2-3 months)
Summer 2018 applications are due Feb. 1, 2018

Value-Based Health Care Research Fellow (1 year)​
2018-2019 applications due Feb. 1, 2018
Learn more and read a blog post by a former Value-Based Health Care Research fellow

Visiting Scholar Opportunities for International Medical Students​
Short-term researcher (3-6 months)
Long-term researcher (up to 2 years)
• Applications accepted on a rolling basis