Surgery and Perioperative Care Education Programs

Undergraduate Medical Education

Dell Medical School students spend more than 10 weeks of their core clerkship experience as part of care teams in the Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care, integrating skills in medical knowledge, leadership, communication and value-based care. We also offer a variety of specialty electives for Dell Med students and visiting medical students with career interests in surgery, anesthesia and emergency medicine.

Surgery Clerkship

Students spend eight weeks of their second year learning about the care of the surgical patient through a combination of hands-on patient care, interactive instruction and simulation-based training workshops. Students rotate for four weeks with the Acute Care Surgery team at Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas and four weeks with a team they choose based on their interests — elective General Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Pediatric Surgery, or Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgery.

Clerkship Director: Kimberly Brown, MD, FACS
Associate Clerkship Director: Jayson Aydelotte, MD, FACS

Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Students spend another four weeks participating in the Emergency Medicine teams at several hospitals in Austin. This experience provides unique learning opportunities in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions. The curriculum also includes interactive instruction and simulation-based training in skills such as starting an IV, splinting, managing an airway emergency, and suturing a laceration.

Clerkship Director: Suneet Singh, MD
Associate Clerkship Director: Sara Scott, MD


The Dell Med curriculum includes two-week experiences in the second year dedicated to career exploration. In these “Selectives,” students can choose rotations in a variety of specialties to help them decide what specialty they wish to pursue.

The Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care offers the following Selectives:

Sub-Internships and Electives

The fourth year of medical school is a time of focused preparation for applying to residency programs. Part of this process includes sub-internship rotations, with increased responsibility as part of the care team. The sub-internship is a chance for a student to experience what life is like as a resident in a particular field.

Electives allow students to learn more about a specific area of medicine or surgery, and these rotations often serve as an opportunity for students and residency programs to spend time with one another as part of the process of the residency match. The department encourages students who are considering application to any of our graduate medical education (residency) programs to spend a month with us on a sub-internship or elective.

Electives and Sub-Internships in Surgery and Perioperative Care >

Graduate Medical Education

The Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care offers three residency programs and two fellowships. It will expand its graduate medical education opportunities during the next few years.

Residency Programs


Read more about resident policies and salary and benefits information, or view the resident agreement (PDF).

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

The Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care currently hosts monthly clinical conferences in several clinical areas: Emergency Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery, Hand, Neurosurgery: Disorders of the Spine, Total Joint Arthroplasty, General Surgery, and Trauma. Conferences are multidisciplinary, evidence-based, and open to all providers in the Central Texas area. See the complete schedule >