Medical students are tomorrow’s doctors. Dell Medical School students are something more — future physician leaders who will reshape health and health care for the 21st century.

Scholarships help ensure Dell Medical School attracts the best — students chosen for their dedication and abilities, not their financial circumstances. The cost of medical school adds up, even for an affordable school like ours.

The average medical student in the U.S. graduates almost $200,000 in debt, a burden that can affect a future doctor’s choice of specialty. Without debt as a deciding factor, students will have the freedom to choose specialties based on where they feel they can make the most difference. Scholarships make that possible. Dean Clay Johnston has set a goal of having at least one-third of the total tuition cost covered by scholarships.

Scholarship support helps Dell Medical School to stand out as it competes with established medical schools for the best applicants Texas and the nation have to offer. Dell Medical School had more than 4,700 prospective students apply for admission to a class of just 50. With your support, we can successfully recruit the best of them.

Scholarship donors can provide one-time support or create an endowed scholarship that lasts forever. When an endowed scholarship recipient graduates, a new student receives the scholarship.

Costs of underwriting scholarships

One-time scholarship

• One-year tuition outright scholarship: $25,000
• One-year full-ride outright scholarship: $50,000
• Four-year tuition outright scholarship: $100,000
• Four-year full-ride outright scholarship: $200,000

Endowed scholarship

• Tuition only: $500,000
• Full ride: $1 million