Faculty Support

Finding a good doctor is difficult. Finding a great doctor who is also a health care visionary, a renowned researcher, and a trailblazer dedicated to finding solutions for our broken health care system is even more so.

Not every good doctor — or even great one — has what it takes to be a Dell Medical School faculty member.

Dell Medical School-caliber faculty members are leaders in re-envisioning academic medicine, health and health care for the next century. In addition to being recognized experts in their specialties, they’re authorities on population health, health informatics, and the latest ways to improve health.

Very few doctors in the nation have this rare combination of skills. They are in the highest demand, especially by other medical schools competing for their talents. Often, the deciding factor in recruiting these superstars is philanthropy.

Dell Medical School’s ranks of faculty, including department chairs, continue to grow. Your gifts help us recruit and retain the very best.

The best way to support Dell Medical School faculty is through an endowed gift that provides permanent support. “Department chair” endowments help our leaders do everything from conducting their research to building the infrastructure for their departments to recruiting faculty.

Other endowed faculty positions are known as “faculty chairs.” These faculty chairs — also an important recruiting and retention tool — boost faculty members’ prestige, support their research, aid course development, and help them continue their professional development.

With an endowment, your gift is invested, never spent. Every year a portion of the investment income goes toward your faculty chair and the remainder is reinvested so the endowment value grows over time to keep pace with inflation and maintain its spending power.

Chair funding levels

• Department chair endowment: $7 million
• Faculty chair endowment: $2 million