Partnership Visual Guidelines

Partnerships are part of Dell Med’s mission to—revolutionize how people get and stay healthy. Our first and unprecedented partnership was between the medical school and local taxpayers. Since then we’ve partnered with Seton Healthcare Family, Livestrong, and others to pursue shared goals.

Within each partnership are opportunities to express our mission through cobranding. These guidelines provide context and understanding of various partnership types. We aim to appropriately feature the Dell Med brand while respecting partners by giving them credit they deserve. When using any of the brand assets of Dell Med or our partners, be sure to reach out to the brand managers for approval. Get their contact information on the right side of this page. 

Note for graduate medical education (GME) partners: The partnership visual guidelines replace the GME cobranded resident and fellowship logo "lockup" that combined both brands, effective Sept. 13, 2016. Please contact a brand manager for assistance.


Cobranding & Brand Focus

Cobranding, a visual expression between partner brands, encompasses a range of marketing activities and centers on a single brand.


Standards & Use

The visual integrity of the Dell Med logo is vital. Get the info you need on logo requirements and proper and improper use.


Placement & Multiple Logos

Logo placement can enable brand focus, so see our guidelines on how to handle this with one logo or multiple logos.



Whether taking a Dell Med focused or partner focused approach, there are many elements for conveying the target look and feel.