LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes: Community Art Competition

Calling all Austin artists, creatives, innovators and engineers!  

The LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes of the Dell Medical School invite you to participate in their first-ever Cancer Community Art Competition to collectively support people affected by the disease. Applicants are invited to submit ideas for a physical piece of art that creatively uses LIVESTRONG’s iconic yellow wristbands to illustrate a theme related to revolutionizing the cancer experience. Finalists will receive a supply of wristbands to bring their piece to life, and their work will be showcased at an exhibit open to the public. The winning entry will also be housed in the entryway of the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes, which is home to Dell Med’s Department of Oncology and cancer research labs. 

The competition deadline has been extended to Feb. 2, 2018. Submit your idea now >

Creative brief:

  • Represent the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes’ mission to “radically improve people’s cancer experience and quality of life and revolutionize how we treat cancer by reinventing the way cancer patients are cared for” 

  • Illustrate the challenging journey of cancer patients, survivors and their families face when dealing with cancer, and acknowledge their strength and resilience

Individuals may complete pieces on their own, but collaborations are also acceptable. Survivors may team with artists to bring their own vision to life.


Details & How to Apply

The LIVESTRONG Foundation will provide finalists with as many as 25,000 free wristbands to create their entry. Finalists will display their piece in a public showcase during which a panel of local cancer patients and survivors will select one grand prize winner. The winning piece will be displayed for two years at the entrance of the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes. Runners-up can choose to have their piece displayed in other locations (such as LIVESTRONG headquarters or Dell Medical School clinics).  

Applications will be accepted from Dec. 1 to Feb. 2. Finalist creations will be due in April. The public showcase will be in late spring, and a grand prize winner will be chosen on LIVESTRONG Day, which takes place May 18. 

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▼ Judging

To enter, creators must:

  1. Complete an application; and
  2. Email Nick Stanley a proof of concept with renderings, sketches or designs and a short description articulating the vision for the project.    


The panel will judge entries to determine finalists and the winning entry.

Submissions will be judged based on:

  1. Creativity and originality in representing the mission and vision of the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes:

    • The mission of the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes is to radically improve people’s cancer experience and quality of life; revolutionize how we treat cancer; and reinvent the way cancer patients are cared for;
    • The vision of the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes is to become an accessible, patient-centered, collaborative and impactful cancer ecosystem: 
      • Accessible by patients regardless of financial status
      • Putting patients at the center of all we do
      • Working collaboratively with local scientists, clinicians and the community to discover, develop and deliver high-impact options for cancer patients
      • Developing novel models of care delivery that tackle the complexities of the cancer ecosystem locally and beyond
  2. Most creative use of the LIVESTRONG wristbands as raw material and as focal point
  3. Quality of artistic design and clarity based on the theme


The winning artist will be asked to sign a contract loaning the piece to the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes for two years.  

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▼ About the LIVESTRONG Wristband

The LIVESTRONG yellow wristband is a symbol of hope and survivorship for anyone affected by cancer. Over 90 million wristbands have been distributed all over the world, and are worn in global communities to represent the fight against cancer and in support of someone living with, or in honor of someone who passed away from or is living beyond the disease. The LIVESTRONG wristband started a worldwide phenomenon in support of cancer survivors. 

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