Health Learning Building

As the heart of the Dell Medical School and front door for the health district, the Health Learning Building is the primary home for students and faculty. But it isn’t just a place where things happen — it’s a place that makes things happen. 

Health Learning Building view from 15th Street

Dell Medical School is predicated upon collaboration — between health professions, students, faculty and the community — and the Health Learning Building is designed to foster interaction. An open stairway from the first floor to the fifth spans the length of the building, encouraging physical activity and facilitating chance meetings of students and faculty as they move between floors.

With all floors visible from both inside and outside, the stairway is just one place of many designed to bring people together outside the classroom. Plentiful lounges and meeting rooms, comfortable seating and study terraces on every floor encourage people to linger. Formal learning spaces also support the theme of cooperation with flexible configurations that can accommodate both small groups and large lectures, all featuring state-of-the-art technology.

Designed based on the inextricable link between learning, health and the built environment, the Health Learning Building earned a Gold Certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. 

Floor-By-Floor Breakdown

The Courtyard

The Dell Medical School experience begins outside, where a grove of live oak trees and café seating grace a multipurpose courtyard.

1st Floor

The ground floor is the gateway to Dell Medical School and is frequently visitors’ first experience in our spaces.

2nd Floor

The second floor brings together faculty, students and prospective students in a collaborative atmosphere.

3rd Floor

Its purpose chosen for its central location, the third floor is dedicated to the core purpose of Dell Medical School — its students.

4th Floor

The fourth floor is dedicated to formal hands-on learning, including multiple labs that incorporate cutting-edge technology.

5th Floor

The fifth floor is the school’s administrative hub. Members of the school’s leadership team make their home here.

Center for Health Learning Walk-Through

Join us for a virtual walk-through of the Health Learning Building with Larry Speck, senior principal at PageSoutherlandPage. UT Austin's former dean of architecture, Speck has been a faculty member since 1975.