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Health Leadership Awards

Health Leadership Award winners and nominees pose together as a group.

Awards & Nominations

The Dell Medical School’s Health Leadership Awards recognize individuals and organizations that demonstrate excellence in a variety of settings and actively play a role in rethinking health. With these awards, Dell Med honors their leadership, work and commitment to the health of Central Texas. Dell Med recognized the 2019 nominees and awardees during an award ceremony on June 6; check back for details on the 2020 nomination process.

High school and middle school educators teaching in Central Texas play a significant role in promoting health in classrooms and schools. The Middle School Educator Award and High School Educator Award recognize educators who have made a substantial contribution to promoting health through health initiatives, program implementation or policy change in middle and high school classrooms.

Two student awards — the Middle School Student Health Leader Award and High School Student Health Leader Award — recognize creative and innovative middle school and high school students currently enrolled in schools in Central Texas who are contributing to a vital, inclusive health ecosystem. These students are making an impact in their school or community through advocacy, program implementation, health initiatives or policy change. They have recognized a health issue affecting their peers, school or neighborhood and are making an impact through a commitment to change.

Volunteers are integral to the health of our community. This award recognizes an individual who is actively addressing a health issue in Central Texas, purely on a volunteer basis. Through action, perseverance and compassion, this person makes a noticeable difference in the health and well-being of our community.

Communities need leaders with passion and vision to drive innovation and improve the way we deliver care and promote health locally. This award recognizes a committed leader who, through leadership, action and advocacy, has played a vital role in driving transformation for a healthier Austin.

Central Texas is fortunate to have health care practitioners who provide exceptional care and service to patients, regardless of insurance status, while also improving the way we deliver care and promote health locally. This award recognizes a committed health care practitioner who serves as a role model for how health care should be delivered.

In Central Texas, we are lucky to have strong support and collaboration from public service leaders who are committed to improving health and health care in our community. With their help and shared vision, we are transforming the regional health care model. This award goes to a community leader whose support has strengthened the health ecosystem.

Central Texas benefits from the dedication and hard work of not-for-profit and charitable organizations that are significant contributors to the health ecosystem of our community. This award recognizes an organization that effectively addresses one or more key drivers of health and demonstrates measurable results in improving health.


Nominees must be Central Texas residents or organizations who are:

  • Achieving measurable improvements to health or health care;
  • Making creative, innovative­ and exceptional contributions to the health ecosystem;
  • Re-envisioning and rethinking health or health care;
  • Paying attention to the long-term impact and sustainability of their work;
  • Working diligently without significant recognition for their contributions to the health ecosystem; and
  • Contributing to a vital and inclusive health ecosystem.

2019 Honorees

To see more photos of the 2019 award ceremony, explore this album on Flickr.