'Vital Signs' featuring Scott Wallace

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
3:30pm to 5:00pm
NUR 1.108 | 1710 Red River Street

In week six of the public education series Vital Signs: Introducing the Future of Health Care, Scott Wallace will present "Health Care Systems Innovation: Competing on Value."

From the lecture notes: How do health care markets work and does the competition in our market actually produce better health care at better costs for society? Through this course, we will work to understand the relationship between people, health care providers and health care institutions. Learn about how health and health care are funded, what’s broken and new models for a better future.

To attend this lecture, RSVP to Luis Gonzalez. Note that the NUR building maintains controlled access. UT Austin faculty, staff and students are asked to bring their university-issued ID. All non-UT attendees will be asked to check-in at reception area prior to lecture start.

Vital Signs is a Signature Course of The University of Texas at Austin offered to the entire community in partnership with Dell Medical School and the School of Nursing.

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More About the Course
Vital Signs explores commonly held beliefs about health care, leads participants through a process of “rethinking” these beliefs and explores new approaches to the future of health and health care. Participants are exposed to key areas — from business models and incentives to policy, roles, technology and data — that need rapid evolution or disruption to enable a vital, inclusive health ecosystem. Additionally, participants are challenged to consider alternatives to existing healthcare delivery models. Ultimately, participants will gain a greater appreciation for the role they can play in reimagining health and healthcare delivery.