'Vital Signs' featuring Patricia Carter & Mini Kahlon

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
3:30pm to 5:00pm
NUR 1.108 | 1710 Red River Street

In week one of the public education series Vital Signs: Introducing the Future of Health Care, Mini Kahlon and Patricia Carter will present "If You Thought Health was Medicine, Think Again."

From the lecture notes: Through this course you will learn about health innovation: the domains of expertise, impact and creativity that can help us to transform our approach to health.  

Catch a glimpse of all the component parts of a health ecosystem that need rethinking, and join us for the rest of the series.

Vital Signs is a Signature Course of The University of Texas at Austin offered to the entire community in partnership with Dell Medical School and the School of Nursing.

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More About the Course
Vital Signs explores commonly held beliefs about health care, leads participants through a process of “rethinking” these beliefs and explores new approaches to the future of health and health care. Participants are exposed to key areas — from business models and incentives to policy, roles, technology and data — that need rapid evolution or disruption to enable a vital, inclusive health ecosystem. Additionally, participants are challenged to consider alternatives to existing healthcare delivery models. Ultimately, participants will gain a greater appreciation for the role they can play in reimagining health and healthcare delivery.