Committees & Councils

▼ Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee

CHARGE: The Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee shall evaluate the credentials and qualifications of faculty members and make recommendations to the Dean concerning their appointment, promotion in rank and eligibility for tenure.


Susan "Sue" Cox, MD
Richard Freeman, MD
William Lawson, MD, PhD, DFAPA
Robert Messing, MD
Elizabeth Teisberg, PhD

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▼ Faculty Senate

CHARGE: The Faculty Senate shall act as the representative body of the faculty in all matters pertaining to academic affairs and general academic welfare. The members are the elected representatives of the faculty Assembly and shall be guided in their deliberations by the opinion of their constituents. The Faculty Senate is charged with establishing the policies and procedures for governance of the school and with maintaining adherence to these policies and procedures.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
René Salazar, MD, Member

Internal Medicine 
Jadranko Corak, MD, FACP, Member
Jason Reichenberg, MD, Member
George Rodgers, MD, Alternate

Medical Education
Michael Lee, PhD, Member
Alejandro Moreno, MBBS, MPH, JD, FACP, Member
Dee Silverthorn, PhD, Alternate

John Bertelson, Member
Steven Warach, MD, Member
Pradeep Modur, MD, Alternate

Coburn Allen, MD, Member
Kirsten Nieto, MD, Member
Richard Holt, MD, Alternate

Population Health
Terrell Benold, MD, Member
Ernestine Lee, MD, PhD, Member
Dana Sprute, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Alternate

Roger McRoberts, MD, Member
Amy Walton, MD, Member
Michelle Magid, MD, Alternate

Surgery & Perioperative Care
Carlos Brown, MD, Member
Chad Dieterichs, MD, Member
Garrett Scales, Jr., MD, Alternate

Women's Health
Alison Brooks, MD, Member
Marian Yvette Williams-Brown, MD, Member
J. Stuart Ferriss, MD, Alternate

Ex-Officio (Support)
Susan "Sue" Cox, MD
Clay Johnston, MD, PhD
Johnathan MacClements, MD
Beth Nelson, MD
Emily Vinas, EdD
Luann Wilkerson, EdD

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▼ Policy and Bylaws Committee

CHARGE: This committee shall be responsible for reviewing proposed or existent UT Austin Dell Medical School policies, UT Austin HOP or UT System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations for the purpose of providing the Faculty Senate and Dean with support and advice.


Mark Hernandez, Internal Medicine  
Jennifer Hughes, Pediatrics   
Meena Iyer, Pediatrics           
Lloyd Berg, Psychiatry
Steve Henry, Surgery & Perioperative Care        

Mike Breen, MD, FACOG, Women's Health
Jason Reichenberg, Internal Medicine (Chair)
Pradeep Modur, Neurology

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