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Texas Health Catalyst Works to Expand Health Ecosystem Across UT Austin & Beyond

Nov. 5, 2019

Since its inception, Texas Health Catalyst, Dell Medical School’s early stage health technology incubator, has brought together The University of Texas at Austin life sciences researchers, inventors, clinicians and Austin-area commercialization and industry experts to improve the translation of research into clinically viable technologies that improve the value of care.

In 2018, the program expanded its reach into the Austin health-tech ecosystem by opening its doors (and resources) to local startups. This expansion grew in 2019 as Texas Health Catalyst received 30 startup applications and selected four startups to support programmatically alongside 10 UT Austin teams.

A Demo Day presenter explaining her project.

This year’s Demo Day on Nov. 7 will showcase Texas Health Catalyst’s role in expanding the Austin health ecosystem. The program will feature dispatches on Dell Med as well as the developing Innovation District. Attendees will hear from past Texas Health Catalyst teams on the growth milestones their projects have achieved since participating in the program and from current Texas Health Catalyst teams on the state of their research and development.

Demo Day Presentations

UT Austin–Based Presentations

BioBox: A Desktop Surgical Warm Body Simulator and Enhanced Laparoscopic Trainer

  • Presenters: Chris Rylander, Ph.D.; John Uecker, M.D., FACS; Christopher Idelson, Ph.D.; Doug Stoakley

Programmable Graphene Resonant Gas Sensor for Breath Analysis

  • Presenters: David Cayll; Michael Cullinan, Ph.D.; Dave Kuse; Hamid Eghbalnia

Anti-PD1 Formulation With Increased Specificity and Reduced Adverse Effects

Optimized Bioreactor With Integrated Nanopatterned Biofabrics

  • Presenters: Raul Galindo; S. V. Sreenivasan, Ph.D.; Mark Hrdy; Marissa Martinez

Materials and Methods for 100% Post-Thaw Survival of Cells and Tissue After Frozen Storage

  • Presenters: Nathaniel Lynd, Ph.D.; Aaron Burkey; Natalie Czarnecki

Alternative Communication for the Suddenly Speechless

Sensor-Controlled Digital Game for Heart Failure Self-Management Behaviors

  • Presenters: Kavita Radhakrishnan, Ph.D., MSEE, RN; Christine Julien, D. Sc.; Matthew O’Hair; Edison Thomaz; Miyong Kim, Ph.D.; Grace Lee; Catherine Fournier; Cathy B. Spranger

Targeting Glioblastoma Multiforme by Inhibiting Human Small C-Terminal Domain Phosphatases With Personalized Medicine

  • Presenters: Y. Jessie Zhang, Ph.D.; Brenda Medellin, Ph.D; Lokesh Kukreja, Ph.D.

Chiroptical Nano-Device for Rapid Determination of Molecular Chiral Purity to Facilitate Drug Development

  • Presenters: Yuebing Zheng, Ph.D.; Zilong Wu, Ph.D.; Yaoran Liu

Drug-Eluting Surgical Drainage Tubes for Enhancement of Patient Comfort

Austin-Area Startup Presentations

Goldfinch Health: Commercializing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery to Drive Employer Savings

  • Presenters: Brand Newland, Pharm.D., MBA; John Greenwood

HiPR Innovation: High Pressure Relief Cushion — Wheelchair Cushion Designed to Prevent the Incidence of Pressure Ulcers

  • Presenters: Harikrishan Sachdev; Koushalya Sachdev; David Chun; Alexander Chan; Samuel Zhang; Caton Sun

For ways to support Texas Health Catalyst or to learn more about any of the projects listed above, please email the team.